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Kuala Kangsar


KUALA KANGSAR is popularly known as The Royal Town of Kuala Kangsar locally. It has many history. The First Rubber Tree in Malaysia. The Malay College, The First Rulers Conference and The Most Photographed Mosque in the country (Ubudiah Mosque).
We wish to make Kuala Kangsar recognized locally and internationally and we have begun to do this.


Being surrounded by trees and a panoramic view, Kuala Kangsar is truly getting Back To Nature.

We bought this piece of land and so far have planted rubber trees, palm oil and gaharu (agarwood) trees. Together with a small group of committed tour guides and volunteers, we have built a large open gazebo atop a hill to have a shaded place to relax and view the town in a distance.

We have called this a ‘Lunch Place’ because we serve traditional meals with breathtaking views. This gazebo is built from wood taken from old houses, so, we believe in recycling and renewing nature.

We so far has received guests from airline personnel of KLM and several other European tourists. They spent the day traveling by bus and train, planting trees, and visiting the Royal Town.

By profession, we own a Tour Company and together with a small group of Tour Guides, we want to make this into a Eco-tourism project where we wish to plant and built:

  • To plant trees (by visitors and tourist)
  • To grow a spice garden
  • To build a wooden structure tea house
  • To build small chalets for tourist to feel the environment and nature

We have taken several European journalists and visitors to our place and they have expressed much enthusiasm about the history and natural landscape of Kuala Kangsar.
Our project familiarizes visitors to the various local trees, spices as well as allowing visitors to grow local plants and trees to promote local ecology.

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